Himalayan Pink Salt Plate 1.2 kg "Terre Exotique"

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Himalayan Pink Salt Plate from France


Product Description

This pink salt plate is carved deep in the heart of the Himalaya in the Pakistani region of Kashmir. The plate comes from fossilised sea salt that is 100% crystal, formed more than 250 million years ago and unpolluted.

The salt plate can be used as a small chopping block also chilled and used to serve cold seafood or alternatively, it can be preheated in the oven then used to cook foods 'a la Plancha'

It can also be placed on the bbq grill once flames have died down and used to cook fresh fish or vegetables once lightly oiled.

Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm x 2.5cm

Made from 100% natural rock salt

This indispensable salt block by Terre Exotique can be used in many different ways.

Originally from the Kashmir region of Pakistan, this block can be used for both cooking and food presentation.

For oven cooking:

Put the dry plate into your unheated oven, then set the temperature to 180°C. Once the oven has reached this temperature, take the slate out of the oven and use it like a barbecue grill. 

To cook on the hob:

For searing and grilling, put the block directly onto the hob and use it to cook meat, fish or vegetables for 15 minutes.

For carving and presentation:

Strong and made entirely of salt, this block is ideal for use as a board for chopping any kind of food. If put in the refrigerator beforehand, the salt block can be used as a presentation plate.

How to look after your plate:

After use, leave your salt block to rest at room temperature. Being naturally antiseptic, the salt block doesn't need any particular kind of care. Rince it in clean water, scrub it if need be, then dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure it is completely dry before putting it away.

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