Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt 280 g

SKU : RF279

A'ROM Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt with Grinders from France / เกลือหยาบสีชมพูจากเทือกเขาหิมาลัย พร้อมหัวบด ตรา อโรม จากฝรั่งเศส


Product Description

These pink Himalayan salt grinders in their sleek glass bottles
are totally contemporary and cool.

• These chic pink salt grinders come from a company down in the
South of France, an area where they are well and truly into little culinary
touches on the dining table.
• The pretty pink salts would look perfect upon any contemporary
dining table, either yours or perhaps even a friend's or family if you
offered the gorgeous salt grinder as a gift.

Direction to use
Perfect for seasoning your favourite dishes such as salad, pasta, steck, BBQ, ect.

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