Coarse Salt & Black Summer Truffle 290 g

SKU : RF276

Coarse Salt & Black Summer Truffle with Grinders from France / เกลือหยาบผสมเห็ดทรัฟเฟิลดำ พร้อมหัวบด จากฝรั่งเศส


Product Description

Product Description

  • The coarse salt and black summer truffle grinders adds a little finishing touch to the dining table. Welove the tall and elegant glass "moulin" as the French call it.
  • It's wonderful when the everyday things in life canbe made to look beautiful too, such as this luxurious coarse salt and black summer truffle grinder.

Direction to use
Perfect for seasoning your favourite dishes such as salad, pasta, steck, BBQ, ect.

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