Almond-Hazelnut Praline 6 kg "DGF" / พาลีนอัลมอนด์ และเฮเซลนัท "ดีจีเอฟ"

SKU : FP015

พาลีนอัลมอนด์ เฮเซลนัท สำหรับทำขนม ไอศครีม ท็อฟฟี่ เค้ก / To flavour pastry cream, ice cream, toffees, cake and confections the authentic taste of nuts.



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Product Description

Praline consist of almond 25%, hazelnut 25%, sugar, stabilizer: sorbitol.
Unctuous praline filling made from high quality raw materials.
Perfect balance between fruit and sugar for unique result.
Taste : caramelized almond/hazelnut.
No rancidity

Direction for use
Stir Praline and oil in the pail completely before using because natural separation
Mix the praline filling thoroughly so that it returns to its smooth and unctuous appearance and delivers all of its flavors.

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