Instant Custard Mix Powder 10 kg

SKU : FP027

ผงคัสตาดสำเร็จรูป (ผสมน้ำ พร้อมใช้ทันที)/ Instant Custard Mix Powder, cold process.


Product Description


There is a mixture of milk, egg and sugar.

After 10 minutes, you will get a consistent cream which can be cooked or frozen.


Direction for use :

Custard mix powder 375-400g

Cold water 1 ltr  

Mixing with a beater in first speed and then in third speed during about 3 minutes, to get a smooth, slight and shiny dough.

Remark : After mixing custard finished, you can keep it in refrigerator for 2 day and stir before use again.

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