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Neutral Glaze "DGF" / นิวทรัลเกรซ "ดีจีเอฟ"


เจลสำหรับเคลือบหน้าขนมให้เกิดความเงา จากฝรั่งเศส (สามารถผสมน้ำหรือน้ำผลไม้ 10-30%) เช่น เค้ก ทาร์ต / To coat your pastries, fruits, protecting them from all outside attacks and keeping them firm, brilliance and freshness.





Product Description
Product for glazing to make pastries shine.

It’s neutral and clear for glazing fruit tarts, fruit pies, cakes and has lightly sweet.
The Neutral Glaze may be colored and flavored according to your needs.
Colourless paste, with a sweet taste.

Direction for use
Depending on the glaze, add 10%-30% water or fruit juice, heat a few minutes until completely melted.
Glaze using a pastry brush or a spray gun.

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