Glucose syrup 7 kg

SKU : FP021

น้ำเชื่อมกลูโคส / Sweet base for pastries and confectionery that makes pastries, ice creams, confectionery soft and has a longer shelf life.


Product Description

A sweet base for pastries and confectionery.
It delays the sugar recristallization.
To makes pastries  and confectionery soft and flexible.. It stops the product drying up and keep their softness and freshness and has a longer shelf life.
Clear color and viscous texture.
Sweeter less than sugar about 15%.
It prefers to use for making cake, toffee, caramel, ice cream and garnache.

Direction for use
Boil Glucose syrup to 60 –C before using. Heat the syrup until wished viscosity.
Do not heat more than 100 C (212 F); the solution would get dessicated.

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แอปเปิลบด / This product is bake stable and use as an ingredient in pastry products as well as desserts.




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