Royaltine (Crispy Flakes) 2 kg

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เฟลคกรอบสำหรับทำขนม / An essential ingredient to use in addition of chocolate and praline in your confections. Spangled fine biscuits which bring crispy taste to recipes.


Product Description

Less fat, Less color, Less sweet
Royaltine don’t makes the pastry tast distorted from the recipe.

Long crispy
Royaltine makes the pastry crispy so long.

Direction for use
Crispy flake for making pastries -- Chocolate Rochers, inside layer cake, praline etc.

“Rochers a ROYALTINE” recipe
Use 1 kg covering chocolate with 500 g of Royaltine.
Melt and crystallize the covering chocolate, mix Royaltine and make up the “Rochers” with a little spoon or with special “Rocher ROYALTINE” kit.

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